Some of our principles

At WizardWebs we like to operate on a very personal basis. We have been doing this with all our clients in the past and find it is the best way to address their needs.

At WizardWebs we also like Keep It Simple Solutions (KISS) so that your site is easily maintained and navigated with a minimum of fuss and good speed. We design sites that get the information about you across as quickly and simply as possible.

At WizardWebs we like win win too! Most hosting services do a 2 or 3 solution fits all offer - we know that 90% of the services you end up paying for you will never use. If you don't need something then there is no reason for you to be paying for it. We see this as a waste of both your good money and our system resources. We only quote you for what you need. In this way we ensure our resources are used most efficiently to enable us to keep your costs down and our rates down too. While you save money we are able to use our systems at peak optimisation.

The bottom line

So in keeping with this philosophy we choose to quote each new client with something that meets their explicit needs. We help them put the data for their site together and work with them throughout their website development to ensure they get exactly what is required. At the same time we also ensure that their options are open should they wish to have something more in the future.

So our rates are really best determined once we have your requirements brief.

How do I do my requirements brief you ask? Click here to get started!

Acceptable Use Policy